September 8, 2010

Jake's a WiLdCaT now....

Graduate school officially started Monday August 23rd for Jake.

He's settling in well to his classes and getting all his supplies moved into his studio. With only 5 of them in his class, he's already gotten to know his classmates well, and they're all becoming fast friends. We found out a few days ago that Jake was one of 5 accepted to the Landscape Architechture program out of hundreds* who applied. He's definately where he should be, doing what he's meant to do!
*"Hundreds applied" according to department head Stephanie Raleigh when asked by Jake's classmate Will.*
Seaton Hall: Where Jake spends most of his campus life
There was an interesting twist to his first week of school when his truck broke down. The clutch and flywheel had gone out. Thank goodness there was AAA & Julia Jenkins to the rescue. AAA quickly had Jake towed to a mechanic shop and his friends were able to pick him up in time for class. Julia was able to arrange for a rental car for Jake so he could continue to make the 6 mile drive back and forth to school while his truck was being repaired. Enterprise picked him up from campus at the end of his busy day and got him on his way in a 2011 corolla with all of 7 miles on it. Truck is back up and running, and life is back to mostly normal now.

You can check our blog for frequent updates on some of his (and my!) favorite projects that we'll either photograph, or scan in depending on the medium he's using. So check back often for updates.

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