October 2, 2010

More garden scheming

It's the beginning of fall, and I'm already drooling over plans for my NEXT year garden. Maybe that's because this year, my garden was less than spectacular, consisting of a few potted plants and my tomatoes in my Earth box. With moving we just didn't have much of a choice.

A few weekends ago I visited Luther College in Decorah where both my brother and sister are doing their undergrad. We had a great time, packed waaay to much into one day, and left happy but exhausted. My mom surprised me with this cute little devil, to further support my owl addiction.

We did manage to squeeze a visit into on of my favorite (but never before visited) places ever. Seed Savers Exchange- if you've never heard of them, you need to remedy that now! I'm serious, visit their website, buy some seeds or better yet transplants- you won't regret it. They're a little spendy, but that's because their heritage plants and 100x better than any of that hybrid crap you find in stores.

photo from seed savers
I had to pick out a few seed packets while we were at Seed Savers too. I settled on some neat dinosaur gourds (above) that I plan to grow, and then dry out to make bird houses out of. I also found these lovely velvet queen sunflowers that we're going to grow in the backyard next year. You can check out where we're looking for placement in the "better garden" photo from this post. Who knows, maybe we'll get ambitious and even try drying out the seeds at the end of the season.

photo from seed savers


  1. Well I'm just so glad you made it up to visit us at Luther. Look at all of the good things that came out of that little trip- Jake's birthday present, birdhouses, delicious vegetables, and owls. The only logical conclusion I can make is that you should come visit more often :)

  2. I'm glad I made it too. It was awesome to see where you guys go to school and live, plus an added bonus that its a gorgeous town.

    I will definitely have to come visit again!


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