May 22, 2011

Movin' on up...

Yesterday we decided it was high time to move the girls out of our house and into theirs. It was a perfect day weather wise, and their increasing chirps and wing flapping were an indication they were ready too. Our hen house has been assembled and waiting for a few weeks already, so with nothing holding us back we went for it.

At first they spent a good deal of time checking out the new digs, pecking at the walls and digging in the sawdust. They were a little unsure of themselves but they didn't seem to be overly worried either.

The view to the outside area eventually piqued their interest enough that they started gathering at the top of the ramp, trying to decide what to do next. They spent the rest of the day outdoors digging in the grass and napping in the sun.

To honor their big "moving out" day, we decided to settle on names for each of them too. It didn't seem right that they were growing up without us using the names we knew they'd have eventually anyway.

Little brown hen became "Matilda"
Red hen,  "Dorothy"
The blonde hen is named "Suzy"
and everyone's favorite "Big Bertha"
At night, they did not realize or remember how to get back into the hen house. We weren't really expecting them to. We found them at dark huddled together in the corner on the wooden platform we had made. They were already asleep and were easy to pick up and move into the hen house. We secured the doorway to the ramp using an old flattened cereal box for two reasons: to keep them warmer, and to prevent one of them from wandering out and getting cold and lost on her own. They weathered the night well (rainstorms and all) and we found them snuggled together in the sawdust in the morning.

I'm hoping that they're picking up on the idea of the ramp now. We just removed the cardboard door and let them come out of the hen house on their own this morning. They didn't take long to come out today, and the little brown hen was first as always.


  1. So, I am kind of falling in love with these chicks! And I think the names are so cute- especially Big Bertha!

  2. Oh ps- love all the pictures too!

  3. Courtenay WhalenMay 27, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    Hi guys, I found your blog by searching for your coop. I'm in the market for a new coop for my girls, and I'm thinking of buying the same on you have. Can you tell me a bit about how happy with it you are so far? Was it easy to put together? Does it seem relatively sturdy? My email address is Thanks!


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