January 6, 2012

Introducing Feathered Friday

In honor of the New Year I thought it might be fun to introduce a new little mini-series here on the blog. I can't promise these posts will come religiously every. single. friday. but I can promise I will try :) Life sometimes gets in the way of regular posting but that's just the way it is.

All four ladies enjoy a sixty degree day in January

Our chickens have been such a source of entertainment for us since day one that it seemed only fitting to share some of their silliness here on our blog. Welcome to what we're calling Feathered Friday :)

Little seen view of the "upstairs" of the coop

Sometimes these Feathered Friday posts will include photos and an accompanying story, other times you can expect to see just photos. I'll also try to mix things up: some photos with our real camera, and others taken on the iPhone. Mainly because I also plan to have some fun using instagram to add a little somethin' to some of the photos too.

Don't worry about her back, she's not hurt: just molting.

Mmmk....so who's excited about Feathered Friday besides me?!?!

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