February 27, 2012

Get 'er done: Goals board

I absolutely loved this idea the minute I saw it! In fact, funny story about this project. I came across it during one of those moments where I wasn't logged into Pinterest yet and was just seeing those preview images. Problem was, I was afraid the preview images would update and change if I DID log in. So I copied the picture really quickly and then logged in. Naturally, the image was gone. Yes, I was happy to have the image saved to my desktop, but it wasn't going to do me a lot of good without finding the original source. You know, someone to attribute it to. Give credit where credit's due.

Elusive little photo you

It actually took several days of searching to find the original source if you can believe that, but I finally did come across it again.That's my little background story....now back to the project at hand. So anything organizational is right up my alley, but the thing that won me over here was the versatility. I love that this goals board lets me change out the "to-do's" by simply peeling off the top post-it, and also allows me to change the theme of my goals list by changing the upper most post it whenever it strikes my fancy.

"Rotating Goals List" on my Crafts to Make board

The fact that this project had such a simple materials list didn't hurt my feelings either : ) I picked up two cubes of post it's (with 5 different colors each) but actually had the rest of the supplies on hand already at home. At home, I gathered:  a thin piece of shiny black cardboard, my hot glue gun, a ruler, few sharpies, and a printed black & white abstract image I'd printed from the web. We all know I'm no artist...so there was going to be no hand-drawn image as seen in the pinspiration photo for me. Printer to the rescue!

I used rubber cement to secure everything instead of firing up the glue gun. Since the post-its aren't very heavy I doubt I'll have an issue with non-stickage. If you're going to re-create this I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying a cube of post its like I did. They don't seem to be truly square. If I had used a really geometric background image this would have really bothered me.

Now that I've got my 'goals board' finished, there's no more excuse not to be on track this month!

Pssst: I posted new photos of Mr. Snail and his Mrs.... check 'em out!


  1. Baby, I love all of your blogging projects! I'm really impressed by how dedicated you've been recently, I think its really paying off. We should take some photos this weekend for your stockpile... what do you say? Thanks for including photos of the snails- I love them so much


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