February 24, 2012

Mail Storage Solutions

One of my most popular posts right now happens to be the one where I de-cluttered our kitchen table after making my own mail organizing system.  Kinda crazy huh!?! I think it's awesome that you all are getting some use out of that post, but I've also realized that I owe you an update on how this system is (and isn't) working for us. For transparencies sake of course. I happen to love organizing and feel its one of my strong suites so I'm always looking for ways to tweak what we're doing and be more efficient.

There were definitely some good and bad things about this hanging mail system.

*We learned that we love having a separate place for each persons' mail
*The cheerful fabric is easy on the eyes
*I always liked it because of its uniqueness 
*Easy and affordable to create
*Fun, quick DIY project
*Can change the fabric colors as desired

*The organizer kept falling off the wall, thus not doing anyone any good
*The fabric flaps quickly got loose and floppy looking (probably because I didn't use any lining)
*We receive mostly magazine mail and this just wasn't the system to effectively hold magazines
*We didn't have a very convenient place to hang this (our rental house is wonky)

Did I mention I'm subscribed to quite a few magazines? Because I am. I loooove them. Most of them I read and then pass along to friends or co-workers. Others I want to keep because I use them as references. My "keepers" include: Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Mother Earth News, Organic Gardening ..... Jake keeps a few of his magazines too, although his collection doesn't come close to rivaling mine :)

I needed a way to organize the magazines that I do keep, and store them in an easy-to-access and clean looking way. My mom came to the rescue when she called randomly one day on a trip to Ikea with some friends. (I'm so jealous because I still haven't been myself. Ah, Mom you're cooler than me.) She picked me up several packs of their colored cardboard magazine holders (green and black please!) and they've been just the ticket. They do take up a lot of room on the desk top, but since that's mainly our thank-you writing area it doesn't feel too cluttered when we sit down to use the space.

Oh, and since you asked... Why yes, there are in fact no less than three varieties of maps in the pictures above. Aren't you the observant ones : ) And me? Yeah I'm the map-obsessed one.

I'll be back later with a few more ways I'm working to cut down on our mail clutter. Getting these magazines under control is just the first step, but I can already tell things are improving and this is a system we can stick with. I might move the magazine storage over onto the bookshelf at some point to reclaim more desk space if it becomes an issue but for now this works pretty dang great.

What about you guys? What are you organizing, de-cluttering, and cleaning up this week? I have a whole mile long list of things I'd like to accomplish...maybe putting that out there is the spark I need to get started!

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