March 30, 2012

Eh, do you 'ear me?

I thought I was being all smart the other day when I was explaining to one of our friends how we can always tell which of our girls has laid their egg for the day since they're all uniquely colored. I went on to further explain that in all reality, you can predict the color of egg any hen will lay with one simple trick. Just look at the color of their ears.

That's when I looked up at her and realized she was staring at me like a crazy person. "Ears!? I didn't know chickens even HAD ears" Oh boy.

 So. In case you didn't know chickens had ears either...they do. :) And the color of those ears happen to shed a little light onto the color of egg your hen may lay. Pretty cool huh? So let's look at our ladies for example...

Matilda is the easiest. White ear= white egg. Simple as that. Next up: Bertha and Dorothy, our brown egg layers.

Instead of a true brown ear as their egg color suggests, these ladies would be more accurately described as having red ears & combs. Bertha's eggs tend to have a speckling on them, while Dorothy's are more pinkish brown but they're both brown nonetheless.

And who could forget little Miss Suzy-Lou-Who? You all know by now that she lays blue eggs. So now I'm sure you're wondering "Are her ears blue?"

Sadly, no. She'll be the exception to this rule. Suzy's ears (much like her comb and the skin around her face) are pink. The feathers around her face are a grayish color, as are the colors of her legs but nothing about her ears would give you a clue that she's about to pop out a blue egg.

Ok, now it's your turn: What random fun facts did you learn or share this week? Anyone else out there not know that chickens had ears? Or that ears could tell you the egg color? Go now, and blow someones mind with your new-found knowledge! T.G.I.F! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. You are a wealth of information! Do you ever ponder what came first the chicken or the egg?

    1. Hah! Thank you :) I just came across my college animal science notes describing the process of egg-laying. You all better watch out ;)

  2. I love that picture of Bear. Looks as happy as can be!

  3. Thanks! Bear usually photographs horribly, as in he won't LOOK at me. This one? It's perfect. SO Bear...

  4. Oh bear...that picture describes him perfectly haha.


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