November 11, 2012

Suzy: A Status Update

Suzy's forced separation from the other hens continues. We're going on two weeks of her living alone in the chicken tractor. Thankfully we have some progress in the form of fluffy baby feathers finally growing back.

She's remained surprisingly happy through out her solitary confinement which continues to amaze me. Normally she'd be pitching a fit to be separated from the flock.

I did come home from work one day this week to find her loose in the yard. That was quite the surprise! We have no way of knowing if she was out for moments or hours, but either way she stayed where she belonged. I found her fraternizing with our rooster Monty, and happily bragging to her confined sisters about her new-found freedom.

Suzy was always the queen bee of the flock before she started molting. Now I'd have to say little Miss Matilda has stepped right into her position. The star sisters, while large, are displaying no interest in being in charge, and have settled back to do Matilda's bidding. It will be interesting to see how their pecking order plays out once I'm able to put them all back together.

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  1. So obviously I missed the post and maybe I'll find it in a bit, but what happened? Is molting normal?


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