August 16, 2013

Draw On Me! Planter 3 of 3:

So chalkboard paint. Basically the best invention ever! After getting a little taste of it on my labeled planter, I knew I needed more chalkboard paint in my life. After pondering my options,  I could think of nothing better than covering an entire planter in chalkboard paint!

This one's as easy as 1-2-3, and you don't really need a tutorial from me. I used a spray can of chalkboard paint, and applied 3 thin and even coats over the span of two days. I let my planter cure one more day before we got to drawin'.  Obviously I've planted mine with basil, but wouldn't this be cute on an outdoor table to hold dining utensils and napkins? I envision little ones having a blast drawing on it while waiting for dinner. 

I considered am still considering painting a silver rim around the chalkboard planter to help tie it in with the other two, but have wavered for two reasons: 1. I'm lazy 2. my other planters in the group do not have any decorative rim.

What would you do? 


  1. So, was that just a regular terra cotta pot/planter? What a great idea. :)

    Thanks for stopping by our blog, and for your nice comment. Have a great day!

    1. Yep just a regular plain terra cotta pot from the garden section. We also did two other takes on decorative pots if you're interested: and

      All started as the same plain pots- they were so much fun!


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