March 26, 2014

Coconut Oil: A Multi-Purpose Beauty Product

It's true. My love for coconut oil is clearly infinite. You may have seen my little preview on facebook awhile back, but I keep finding more & more amazing ways to use this stuff.

Bear loves coconut oil too- and tries to lick it off me when I use it as a moisturizer after my shower. Tropical Traditions sells the only coconut oil we use.

Most recently I've used coconut oil:
  • to treat razor burn
  • as face lotion
  • as body lotion
  • as a hydrating hair mask
  • as an ingredient in an awesome body scrub
  • to treat a scrape on my hip
While clearly it's what they're known for, they happen to sell a whole lot more than just coconut oil at Tropical Traditions. They offer a lot of other amazing things, like grass fed beef & pastured chickensantioxidant greens powder (we LOVE these!), and organic chocolate-don't mind if I do! I was especially surprised to see they've got raw food for dogsherbal breath sprays, to non-toxic household cleaners. Quite an impressive variety, don't you think? I sorta love that you could cover all of your household needs from their one nifty little online shop. Maybe that's lazy, I think it's efficient! 

I have yet to expand my cooking with coconut oil beyond adding to smoothies and stir fry. I was recently talking with my Mom & Dad after they ordered some, and several of my aunts use it in baking brownies and cookies. I intend to head that direction with my coconut oil obsession next. I'll have to get a few great recipes down in anticipation of Jake's return home! ;) 

Do you use coconut oil in the kitchen or as a part of your beauty routine? 

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