April 10, 2014

DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Here's me, still on the beauty kick- and lovin' it. This time I wanted to make a nourishing hair mask with supplies I had in the pantry. So I popped onto pinterest and started browsing recipes. Coconut and olive oil quickly became top contenders, and because you know my affinity to coconut oil already (AND it smells delicious) I was basically sold. Plus, two ingredient hair mask- couldn't be simpler!  

Add equal parts coconut oil and olive oil to a small dish. *If I had a microwave, this is the part where I would have melted the coconut oil just a tiny bit, but I don't-so I didn't- classic case of 'do as I say, not as I do' :)*

Here's my 'before' hair. I crack up at my face in this photo ;) 

No DIY coconut oil venture is complete in the Jenkins household without everyone's favorite trusty coconut oil lovin' assistant Bear! 

If you used a microwave yours won't have the chunks like mine does below. Then again, you probably don't have a 55 lb hairy coconut oil gobbling machine at your feet ready to catch any chunks that go falling- so you know- enter at your own risk. (I'm only using a glove so that I can attempt to still take photos without greasing up my phone!)

So I gathered my hair on top in a bun and poured my coconut oil hair mask on little by little, using the gloves to work into the roots, ends, and everywhere in between. It was actually not messy at all, and even though mine had some chunks, they pretty much melted. It was smelling really good at this point! 

Once my hair was saturated, and my bowl empty I just wrapped my hair in an old towel and let it soak in for about 45 minutes. Then I showered- shampooing and conditioning as usual.

And then because the dog still doesn't think he's had enough coconut oil- let him lick out the dish. Make sure he shares with his brother some too. 

My hair felt great for days afterwards! This is something I'd love to do weekly, but it's probably more realistic that it'll happen monthly. I think this is something men/women and children can all enjoy- it's not particularly 'girly' and does leave your hair feeling great and healthy.

Have you ever made a hair mask treatment at home? Have you had one done professionally in the salon? Would you ever put coconut and olive oils onto your hair? 


  1. I like this idea and I'm going to try it out! I strip the natural oils from my hair every day when I wash it and I bet this will help to put them back :) THANKS!!

    1. I hope you love it. I feel like it really helps! I try about once a week- and always notice a difference. Smells so good!


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