April 13, 2014

Open Sesame

Have you ever used the Sesame app? Jake and I use & love it for special occasions. We were first introduced through my mother in law- she's all tech savvy like that- and used to send us care packages through Sesame when Jake was in grad school.

Jake & I have since used it several times to send each other gifts when we were apart- and have always found it to be a wonderfully curated service. Several times we've done their 'snacky ones' and everything has always been tasty & fun.

Let me preface this all by saying that Sesame has no idea who I am. I am writing this review because this is a product that we truly use and love. I recently had an incredible experience with Sesame that only reaffirmed my convictions.

So Jake's in Saudi Arabia, and his sweet self decides to send me a gift via Sesame because sending anything to/from Saudi is damn near impossible.

On the day the box arrives I see it on the doorstep and recognize the blue box immediately. Yay! I didn't know who it was from, but sorta assumed Jake. As you can see, Scootie cannot wait to open this ;D

Open, Sesame. One of my favorite parts. Have I mentioned I love the little things?! 

The little gold 'Hello' card is always included, and contains the message from the sender as well as a QR code that you can scan with the Sesame app to send a thank you note to the sender and confirm you've received your gift. 

 This box is called 'The San Francisco Treat' and it contains a DIY Herb Terrarium Kit, VW notebook, and a chunky coffee soap. My hubby knows me so well :)

So I used the soap immediately and it was amazing. Several days later I went to put together my terrarium and was saddened to realize that although it had been packed incredibly well, that the glass had completely shattered in transit. 

I was pretty sad. I looked up their policies online and saw that you can return a box if things are unused. Already used soap-whoops. I figured I'd email them anyway and see what happened. I included a photo of the shattered glass terrarium.

Color me surprised when customer service got back to me quickly and graciously. After a few questions, they'd tracked down and confirmed Jake's order and sent me an entirely new box. Way more than I expected. I would have been happy with a new terrarium, and honestly wasn't expecting anything. Getting two of those luxurious soaps made my week so much better!

So if you're ever in need of a great gift for a loved one- check out Sesame. They've got some lovely, thoughtful gifts at tons of different price points- as low as $10! You can follow them on facebook or twitter for occasional deals & specials.

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  1. I got this app after I read this...they have such cute ideas!


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